January Goals are Incomplete. February?


CalendarI won’t lie to you: it’s been a tough month.

I buried my Mom in Tennessee, income was practically non-existent, and goals were really tough to accomplish.  Despite the Herculean effort and time spent, nothing appeared to happen easily.

Hey, Mama said there’d be times like this!  I guess my personal loss knocked the steam out of me much more than I realized.

Next month, however,  is already shaping up to be much more productive.  Barring too many unforeseen circumstances, I should be able to accomplish my goals. Just the same, I’d like to be on record with them, so here are my goals for February:

  • Finish repairs and finally close the deal on our former house,
  • Officially publish my book,
  • Hold the first Logical Soul Meetup Group session,
  • Negotiate for office space to do private sessions,
  • Set up the Logical Soul membership program,
  • Get my website shopping cart up and running,  and
  • Contact relatives regarding a family reunion in March.

For purposes of the Monthly Mentor program, I broke each of the above goals into lesser ones that I can accomplish easier.  Even so, these are ambitious goals, but ones I feel I can complete by March 1st (hopefully with a little help).

Hey, y’all have a super February too, Superstars!!

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