Jason & Michael: Millionaire Mindsets?


Jason and Michael

Jason Oman and Michael Craig talk with – and write about – millionaires . . . as well as lots of would-be millionaires!

Jason, co-author of the best selling Conversations With Millionaires and Conversations With Female Millionaires joins Michael on Logical Soul Talk Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 6 pm ET to brainstorm the question “What turns a so-called ‘ordinary’ person into a  millionaire?” They also raise the specter that some millionaires are actually born, not made!  You can listen to this show online, or call (347) 843-4544 to listen over the phone (or press “1” to raise your hand and join the conversation).

Jason also wrote The Millionaire Money Formula and argues that anyone can develop a mindset to become a millionaire.  On the other hand Michael,  author of The Logical Soul and The Money Matrix Method, has speculated that some of the greatest “money minds” actually started out that way, either at birth, or at a very young age.   Michael’s give-and-take with Jason will resurrect the old “Nature vs. Nurture” argument which, by the way, has no definitive answer.

Join the conversation at 6 to add your opinion – especially if you are a millionaire!!


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