Jeff Mills Interview: How to Outsource Your Business or Life Coaching Practice Tasks


Jeff Mills in an online entrepreneur, and has learned the fine art of outsourcing many of the tasks – business and otherwise – that threaten to take the life out of your initial enthusiasm  you built up when starting your business in the first place!

For example:  how do you go about promoting your life coaching practice when you are devoted to spending time with clients?  How do you spend hours and hours on writing articles and blog posts when you should be getting out and meeting people . . . or giving talks to your local civic organization?  The answer from Jeff is:  DON’T!  Hire someone else to do those things which you don’t have time, talent or inclination to do!  And – according to Mr. Mills -  its not that difficult to farm these tasks out to others.

Jeff will share these secrets and more with Dr. Craig’s audience on Logical Soul Talk, July 3rd at 6 pm ET.  He has known online success, as well as the personal freedom that comes from giving power to others in exchange for getting MUCH more done.

Come hear this interview!  It was  pre-recorded for our original airing on Logical Soul Talk almost 3 years ago.

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