Joe Vitale: On Fire and On Logical Soul Talk!

Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale: Marketing Genius

Joe Vitale has been called The World’s First Hypnotic Marketer. He is, in fact, so successful at consistently getting profitable results for himself and his clients he arouses both very positive and very negative passions in his customers and critics.


Joe will share his secrets to breaking free of mental chatter and getting your message across with Dr. Michael Craig on Logical Soul Talk, March 20, 2012 during a one-hour special staring at 6 pm ET. You can listen to the show online, or call the show Hotline at (347) 843-4544 to listen over the phone, or press “1” to ask a question.

Dr. Vitale is the author of at least fifty books and countless DVDs, pamphlets and other self-help works. He promotes the power of The Law of Attraction using his own life as an example.  Joe went from homeless to living in luxury, and points out in his books The Attraction Factor and Attract Money Now that anyone can think his or her way into becoming rich.

Vitale, one of the self-help gurus highlighted in “The Secret,” points out that most people are overwhelmed with negative thoughts, ads, and cultural messages.   He claims to have developed a way of “tuning in” to the subconscious minds of his customers and clients in order to give them what they want, in spite of all this chatter.

But success didn’t come initially to Joe.  About 30 years ago he was broke, desperate and living on the street. Through a series of odd “coincidences”, he found his inner calling and has gone on to achieve great fame and success, along with a number of best selling books.

This big success may also explain why he attracts either love or hate.  While some of his clients and customers insist he is “the most generous, humble and down to earth, good people you will ever have the privilege to meet,” others label him as a marketing scam artist in the first degree.  Joe takes this all in stride, pointing out that folks simply see the world as they are, not as it is.

Clients who have implement his marketing strategies in their businesses gave him the nickname “Mr. Fire” because he burns through web counters and merchant accounts, and forces competitors to sizzle out. Among his many accomplishments include:

  • #1 Best Selling book – Spiritual Marketing
  • Best Selling e-Book – Hypnotic Writing
  • The Power of Outrageous Marketing (Best Selling Audio Set)
  • There’s A Customer Born Every Minute (All about PT Barnum)
  • Ecode: 47 Secrets for Making Money Online – Instantly
  • The Hypnotic Writing Wizard (Magically writes your materials)
  • The 7 Lost Secrets of Success (The real story of Bruce Barton)
  • The A.M.A. Complete Guide To Small Business Advertising
  • The Greatest Money Making Secret in History
  • Tape set with Nightingale-Conant
  • Doctors degree in Metaphysical Science
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Chun Kung Healer

To name a few….  Tune into Logical Soul Talk on March 20th to speak with a true marketing genius.

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