June Radio Series: What IS the Logical Soul?

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Original June 2013 Series coming!

“What IS the Logical Soul®?” is the topic of our June, 2013 series on Logical Soul Talk.  All throughout the month of June Dr. Michael Craig and special guests will present inside views of this dynamic technique for self-discovery, and how it was developed as a lightening-fast way to help you attract more love, make more money, find better health, and feel more alive than you ever have before!  You can listen to each 30-minute show online, or call (347) 843-4544 to listen online, or press “1” to raise your hand and ask questions of your host!

Tuesday, June 4, 6 pm – Logical Soul® and Relationships.  Michael and Brigitte Craig discuss their long-term marriage and how it would not have survived those years without using the Logical Soul®technique on a regular basis.  This show is all about love, relationships, and how they discovered the subject for their upcoming book “Men Are Stupid, Women are Crazy… How To Make Love Work In Spite of That Other Person!” 

Tuesday, June 11, 6 pm – Logical Soul® for Money and Wealth.  This topic was so important and popular that Michael developed an entirely unique technique to deal with it called “The Money Matrix Method.”  Tune in to find out the seven (7) crucial areas where you may literally be pushing money and wealth away . . . and how to stop doing this!!

Tuesday, June 18, 6 pm – Logical Soul® and Ideal Health.  Health issues were one of the main reasons Dr. Craig, a former chiropractor, continued to search for answers to his persistent headaches.  What he found may shock and surprise you.  Tune in to this show for a fascinating journey around the world – and into your own body – where answers to health concerns can be found, and where miracles occur daily!

Tuesday, June 25, 6 pm – Logical Soul® and Awakening.  Michael covers the all-important distinction between “Enlightenment” and “Awakening,” and how the Logical Soul® was created with a foundation firmly rooted in meditation.  He will go over the “nature of the mind” and how his technique follows a natural path towards self-discovery, complete aliveness, and inner happiness.

Don’t miss this vital series which may not be repeated!

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