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Kelly Cole

Kelly Cole is an Internet entrepreneur with the passion, drive and determination to succeed and help other do the same. His personality is contagious; a couple of minutes around Mr. Cole and you will feel as if nothing is impossible for you to do or accomplish. You will believe this because, quite frankly, Kelly walks his talk and brings you with him!  He’s been broke, and he’s tasted success . . . and he wants you to have the success he has, hopefully without all the pitfalls as he had.

Tune in to the Tuesday, May 29th Logical Soul Talk at 6 pm for a 30-minute lesson from Kelly on how to tap into the power of the Internet to transform your coaching business from an “also ran” to a unique success story.  You can listen to the interview with Kelly online, or call our show Hotline at (347) 843-4544 to join the conversation, or simply listen to the show live.

In 2009, Kelly authored the best-selling booklet It’s In You: How to use Your God Given Gift to produce Income Online!  – the latest of several he has authored.  In addition to books, Kelly has hosted workshops, developed training materials, built and sold numerous profit generating websites, and even recorded and produced several self-improvement CD’s.

Kelly is also my friend and mentor. He is humble to a fault, but also has a healthy dose of determination that allows him to succeed at every goal he puts his mind to. Come let this amazing mentor share his tips on how you can turn your life coaching or business coaching practice into an online presence to be reckoned with!

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