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Your Life Coach Training Instructor

Dr. Ron Owens will be continuing his 13-Module Series on Basic Life Coach Training and Certification this coming Tuesday on Logical Soul Talk.  Dr. Owens began the series July 31st with Dr. Michael Craig.  Each Tuesday show airs from 6-7 pm ET (60 minutes).

Dr.  Owens is a life coach, PhD psychologist, and president and founder of the National Association of Life Coaches and Trainers (NALCT), based in Norcross, Georgia.  Ron’s passion is helping retired people and empty-nesters adjust to the changes in their lives and careers.

In the 13-part training series, Dr. Ron will cover every aspect of Life Coaching, from basic definitions to certification to the steps you need to take in order to have a successful life coaching business.

logical soul talkDON’T MISS THIS SERIES!  After September, 2012, Ron’s course will be taken down from Blog Talk Radio and only made available to paid subscribers.  So reserve your seat now and catch the complete series of Dr. Ron’s Coach Training below, as revised:

July 31, 2012
Module 1: What is Life Coaching?

Introduction to Life Coaching; Purpose, benefits, characteristics
Module 2: Types of Life Coaching
Directive vs. Non-directive, the Coaching Process Overview, The Advantages of the Non-Directive Approach.

August 7th
Module 3: The Coaching Relationship

Coaching contract, Mission Statement, Coach’s Promise Statement, Client Promise Statement

August 14th
Module 4: The Coaching Process

The Coaching Equation, Validating Goals, Assessing Current Situation
Module 5: Implementation of the Plan
The Coaching Plan, Success Points, Positive Accountability
Module 6: The Coaching Conversation
Steps of the Conversation, Methods of Delivery

August 21st
Module 7: Effective Communication I

Types of Communication, Compassionate Listening
Module 8: Effective Communication II
Communication Styles, Purposeful Questioning,

August 28th
Module 9: Basic Coaching Skills and Tools

How to Maintain Control, Guide the Conversation, Recognize and Remove Obstacles
Module 10: Understanding Human Behavior
Basics of Human Consciousness, Hierarchy of Needs, Levels of Motivation

September 4th
Module 11: The Business of Coaching

How to Establish the Business, Make a Business Plan; Tax & Legal Considerations
Module 12: Professional Affiliations
Overview of the National Association of Life Coaches and Trainers (NALCT)
Module 13: Marketing Your Business
How to choose your Niche, brand yourself; Networking, Webinars, Seminars, Blogging

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