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Devon Brown, the Coach's Coach

Entrepreneur and coach Devon Brown has been a frequent guest on Logical Soul Talk.  Usually the topic is about his thriving Internet Marketing business, or how he “brings sexy back” to the marketing business. In Tuesday’s interview, however, I will coax Devon to reveal how YOU can market yourself effectively as a life coach, i.e., the FIVE STEPS TO SUCCESS you need to take right now if you are just starting out in business and want more clients.

So don’t miss this interview on Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 6 pm ET on Logical Soul Talk!! You can listen online, or call our guest hotline at (347) 843-4544 to join the conversation.

Devon a.k.a “The Success Renegade” is a coach’s coach . . . MY coach! He has helped me recover from a kind of “idea congestion” that plagues most professionals and keeps them floundering in a sea of anonymity. Come hear how Devon has helped me get on track, and how YOU can benefit from this remarkable coach’s wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Devon Brown is a talented speaker and success coach, mainly in the Internet Marketing field. He mixes in a lot of fun, and “brings sexy back” to what my ordinarily be a boring area of concern – marketing and sales. “But” says Devon, “every small business person needs a marketing plan. If not, they are sunk before they get started!” To avoid this untimely end to your practice, tune in to hear Devon’s “5 STEPS TO SUCCESS” on Tuesday’s show.

As successful as he is, Devon is no stranger to failure. He filed for bankruptcy protection at age 23, lost a brother, and was heading towards becoming just another failure statistic. Today, however, Mr. Brown regularly brings in over $50,000 a month in his Internet and business coaching business.

I’m inviting Devon to share with you on Tuesday what he has shared with me about how to find, attract and keep customers and clients. His message is designed SPECIFICALLY for anyone who is in business for his or herself, and need no-hype, step-by-step formulas that actually get results.

Join us Tuesday at 6 to ask Devon how you can start making small miracles happen in your own coaching practice.  This – and taking action to implement these steps – will put you on the path to coaching success in no time!

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