Liver-Gall Bladder Cleansing (and Bird Rescue) Time!

Yummy Stuff!

Yummy Stuff!!

I awoke with a familiar pain in my head &  neck, and a ringing in my ears as loud as jet taking off.  I knew from experience what it was . . . my gall bladder screaming at me!

As a chiropractor, I have a pretty good idea of how the body heals itself, and so I try to do what I can  with natural methods to facilitate this healing. When I slack off, however, my body reminds me, like it did at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning.  With this warning, I knew it was time for another cleanse.

This wasn’t the first time.  After a failed treadmill test two years ago I knew it was time to make another decision.  I was out of shape and experienced regular cluster headaches, fatigue, early-morning pain and symptoms of depression and gall stones. I started drinking “green drink” to alkalize my system, got on some hormones (thyroid and testosterone), used herbs to eliminate parasites, and start exercising again.

I also did a Liver-Gallbladder Cleanse for the first time in over twenty years, and have since done one every 4-5 months or so . . . whenever I do something stupid  . . . like eating 3 plates of veggie lasagna on Friday!  While the cleanse is not very tasty (in fact, downright Yucky!),  it is far preferable to getting gallbladder surgery or staying sick!

The results are also amazing.  Dr. Hulda Clark, whose advice I usually follow, says to do the liver cleanse after cleansing the kidneys and getting rid of parasites.  Since I had GB troubles, I chose to forgo the Kidney routine. I was also on a maintenance parasite-cleansing program, so I was ready.

I quit eating after 2 pm Saturday and drank an Epsom Salts mixture every 2 hours (visits to the bathroom were quite frequent). At 10 pm, it was ready for the BIG concoction . . . I mixed a half-cup of oxygenated olive oil with the same amount of “fresh-squoze” grapefruit juice, and a tincture of herbs.

I got ready for bed, downed the mixture in three gulps (Yummy.  Not!), took about 8 ornithine (amino acid) capsules to help me sleep,  and lay still on my back in bed for 20 minutes.  After that I could roll over and continue sleeping.

SIDE NOTE: I awoke Sunday at 3 am to the sound of my cat’s bell and the flutter of wings.  I knew he had caught a bird and dragged it in through his cat door – he does this once every 2-3 months.  I grumbled, got dressed and went down to do the usual cat-bird separation and rescue. The bird eventually made it OK, but my wife was a little put off.  I woke her up when I opened the back door and accidentally set of the burglar alarm.  She and I then shared a special moment together in the dining room with a freaked-out bird and determined cat . . .

Now back to our regular presentation . . .

Gall Stone

Look Ma - My Gall Stone!!

A few hours after the “bird incident”  the gall stones started coming – several dozen of them, all floating green thingees in the toilet.  The biggest was almost an inch long and half-inch wide!  I, of course, had to save it so I could show you (see it in the picture, next to a quarter for sizing).

I remember growing up hearing old people always talk about their diseases.  Now I guess I’ve joined the ranks of the “almost old,” and its your turn.  The only difference now is that we can BLOG!!

Oh, by the way . . . today I feel GREAT! While a liver-gallbladder cleanse is not always pleasant, the results almost always are.  I also plan to sleep through the night tonight . . . the cat is grounded!

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