Logical Soul Classes Planned


For those of you who have been asking me when I was going to make available Logical Soul ™ classes and courses, your wait is soon over.

Beginning in February, 2010, you will be able to be a part of any one of three levels of training for the technique.  A membership site (linked to this blog) will allow you to sign up as a Bronze, Gold or Platinum member, and will be very reasonably priced to allow all to take part. Each level will give you the “how to” steps in order to use the technique to

  1. overcome all levels of self-sabotage,
  2. increase your wealth,
  3. build solid relationships, and
  4. develop your full mental and physical potential.

The levels will differ, however, in the amount of content will be available, as well as the amount of personal attention you will receive.  The highest level – Platinum membership – will come with ALL levels of instruction, and include private sessions and live workshops as part of the membership.

LSBookImage2All membership levels, however, are designed to make you proficient in overcoming self-sabotage in daily life and creating rapid success. My goal is to make the Logical Soul(tm) available to everyone on earth, and (with the help of you and others) will do everything I can to make sure this happens.

Stay tuned to this blog for more details coming soon.  I also urge you to buy the book and/or sign up for the free E-zine to make sure you are notified first about the early-sign-up discounts!!

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