Logical Soul Meetup Group a Big Hit!


Michael2The first monthly meeting of the Atlanta Logical Soul for Entrepreneurs (Wednesday night, February 10th at 7:30 pm) was an unqualified success.  Eleven people attended – a little better than half-capacity – and the group stayed interested and involved until well after 9:30 pm when the meeting was supposed to be over.

Dr. Michael Craig gave a presentation and demonstration of the theme of the program – the Logical Soul ™ – and how it can be used to quickly overcome mental and emotional limitations with money and business issues.

At the heart of the matter is the Cycle of Manifestation that is aAudience1ffected by hidden decisions that interrupt the normal flow from thought to desire to action to achievement to fulfillment. By short-circuiting this process with hidden agendas and decisions, we short-circuit our success on many levels.

Dr. Craig demonstrated on a volunteer to give a graphic illustration about how this works . . . and how to change the hidden decisions without too much hassle or trauma.  He tested the volunteer for beliefs stored in the body – deep subconscious memories – and showed how decisions arising out of these beliefs can guide our thoughts, behavior and ultimate outcomes.  Some of the statements involved:

  • How much are  you worth?
  • How much can you accept?
  • How much can you easily earn?
  • How much can you act on attracting?

MichaelA statement was made related to each issue, then tested with a “yes” or “no” response from muscle testing.  By making distinctions between the true and false statements, we were able to map out the beliefs of this volunteer and discover the “lynchpin” decisions that held  her beliefs in place.

After clearing her decisions, there was a lot of buzz and excitement.  All seemed eager to learn the technique, a few people bought books, and all said they would be back in March.

If you are interested in reserving your spot for the next Meetup on March the 10th, please do so right away.   See you there!

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