Meetup (and Interview) CANCELLED!


January Meetup at Michael & Brigitte's Home

Tonight was SUPPOSED to be the 12th meetup gathering of The Logical Soul for Atlanta Entrepreneurs, but the meeting had to be CANCELLED due to the fact that a) we live in the South, b) haven’t seen this much ice and snow in 30 years, and c) don’t want people without snow tires or chains driving at night and dying to get here!!

If you were planning to attend, I’m sorry.  Please make plans to come on February 9th to mark the ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our Meetup!  Visit www.meetup.com/logicalsoulatlanta to sign up to get more details and directions.  Space is extremely limited, so don’t put it off!

Next month’s meeting will focus on the Money Matrix Method, and how it can be used to cut through our very hidden and personal reasons NOT to succeed.  See you there!


By the way – the interview with Dr. Gray did NOT happen last night

John Gray

either due to a communication mixup by his assistant who came down with the flu!   You can hear me fuming and fretting around for a solid hour (listen to the audio on my BTR player in the right column), but we did have a few interesting calls and a nice discussion on some pertinent points in his book.

Dr. John also called me after the show to apologize and promise to make it up next month.  Meanwhile, if you want John Gray’s books or CDs, visit his website at www.marsvenus.com and type in the Promo Code LOGSOUL1 to get a 10% discount on all products.

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