Logical Soul: Real “Hands Off” Healing


My wife, Brigitte, returned recently from a visit to a chiropractic friend of mine whose work I admire greatly.  She told me he was using some of the Logical Soul(tm) concepts in conjunction with his other modalities, and said that he helped her greatly.  I tested her and, sure enough, the changes she reported appeared to be holding.

The next day, Brigitte reported feeling strange, so I tested her again.  Suddenly, the same statements that tested strong the day before were now testing weak.

I then asked her to describe the session in more detail.  She reported that he tested statements – similarly to the way I teach – and “did some points and prayed” so that the changes could stay anchored.  The changes, however, were not anchored, and I realized why.

In my work and courses I teach, there are Four Phases of the Logical Soul ™ process.  The last two phases involve what I call Access to hidden decisions using “personal archetypes,” and Resolution where the changes are anchored into the body and nervous system.

While all phases were followed in sequence, my chiropractic friend apparently threw in his own version of what “access” and “resolution” meant without determining that from his patient, my wife.  By “praying” for her, instead of asking and allowing my wife to bring in her own archetypal images or prayers, he effectively short-circuited the whole process.

While there was no harm done in this instance (the first rule of Hippocrates), my wife knew what was supposed to happen.  Her reports was based on her long experience with my work;  otherwise this doctor’s lack of using the Logical Soul ™ “protocol” would never have been discovered.

By the way, this is not meant to criticize my friends intentions or his dedication to healing, which I hold in high regard.  I only point out that he, and many healers, often forget something fundamentally important to the healing process . . .

The principle of non-interference.

D.D. Palmer

D.D. Palmer

How often do doctors trust lab tests and examinations more than they do the word of their patients? It seems to be the rule, rather than the exception.

In too many instances doctors presume to “know” what is best for their  patients without even asking them!  While I can understand this attitude in medical doctors (because their learned paradigm is based on “fixing” people), it is harder to understand why doctors of “natural methods” simply forget this important principle of non-interference!

Even chiropractors, the ones whose original philosophy strongly embraces this principle, often assert their own preference first.  In failing to listen to the patient’s conscious or subconscious needs, the internal healing force cannot do its work.  D.D. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic in 1895, called this healing force “Innate,” and declared there is no other force stronger or more intelligent for human health and happiness . . . when given a chance to express itself fully.

The phrase  “Nature needs no help, just no interference” also applies to the practice of the Logical Soul(tm).

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