Logical Soul Talk: 9 Ways to Sabotage Your Business


Sabotaging Your Home Business?

Business Self-Sabotage

There are 9 fundamental ways we can sabotage our business success . . . BEFORE we even open our doors or put up our website!!  Do you know what they are?  If not, be sure to tune in to Logical Soul Talk tonight on Blog Talk Radio at 6 pm ET and call in your questions at (347) 843-4544.

During the show I will also describe how we can’t even HELP ourselves, i.e., its not some insidious “evil plot” we have to overthrow success, or to fail.  We simply cannot see what we have devised – and how it plays out in our lives – until its too late.

The first fundamental way is how we view the world.  This is called our “Worldview” or “Paradigm.” How our worldview is shaped pretty much determines the decisions we make, how we make them, and the results we expect from our actions. This way is also governed by our upbringing, and influences from our parents, teachers, and even our ancestors and DNA.

For example, we may consciously choose to play WIN-WIN in all our dealings with others, believing this is the way responsible citizens of the world behave.  Inside, however, our limbic system – or animal brain – is insisting on fighting every rival for attention or anyone it deems to be threatening the status quo, or ego.  This paradox will set off a chain of events that result in failure.  Meanwhile, the mind refuses to let go of its idealism and suffers disappointment and failure becomes a pattern.

This is one pattern of one of the ways we sabotage our businesses.  Tune in to hear the rest at 6 pm ET!!

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