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Valerie Coleman Morris

Valerie Coleman Morris is a former CNN domestic and international anchorwoman who currently spreads the “gospel” about money and ways to get it and keep it.

She is also Michael Craig’s special guest on Logical Soul Talk,  February 22nd at 6 pm ET (3 pm PT).  Call (347) 843-4544 hotline to listen to the show or join the conversation.

During Ms. Morris’ 15 years at CNN, she has been piped into more than 290 million households, businesses and airport networks. She still appears on CNN from time to time as a personal finance expert with a unique point of view about money.

Her book, MIND OVER MONEY MATTERS: It’s Your Money So Take It Personally â„¢” will be published this year.  It gives a multi-generation approach and mindset for a financial behavioral change to help families make a sustainable recovery from the recession.

Ms. Morris was an Air Force kid.  Born in Philadelphia, she now considers herself a northern California Bay Area native when it comes to television news. Valerie began her career in the early 70s in San Francisco at KRON-TV as a reporter and then KGO-TV as a long time anchor.

But the mystery of Money has been this woman’s long-time passion. By the time she was in Junior High School, she had already lived in England, France, Scotland and Japan, and was well-versed in pounds, shillings, francs and military paper currency called script.  Valerie wasn’t as familiar with those things called dimes, quarters and dollars . . . something that amused other family members no end.

For example, her first money memory was at the age of 8 when she tried using an English shilling to buy a 25-cent soda from a vending machine in Philadelphia.  Her cousins teased and laughed at her at the time, but also showed her the difference between the two coins.

It was a mistake she would never make again.  Today, Ms. Morris broadcasts her unique financial messages over the CBS Network Radio, as well as on her weekly blog posts.

Don’t miss this dynamic money expert and educator!

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