Logical Soul Talk: Allergy Cure by Dr. Phil Hurd


Allergies affect 1 in 4 Americans. If you are one of them, you need to tune into Logical Soul Talk at 6 pm to hear some amazing news!! Our call-in Hotline is (347) 843-4544.

Dr. Philip Hurd, Michael’s guest, will explain how a simple laser and computer program – the BioVeda BAX 3000 – can “turn off” the allergy response and turn on a feeling of happiness and well-being.  Dr. Hurd, and Atlanta Chiropractor, will describe the procedure and how “energy medicine” is becoming more and more accepted as a simple, non-invasive alternative to drugs and surgery.  Dr. Hurd has pursued alternative health as owner-operator of the Atlanta Natural Health Clinic since 1983.

Here is a short clip on the Bax 3000 and some of the results.  Enjoy, the tune in at 6!!!

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