Logical Soul Talk: Beauty and Transformation


Beate FisherBeate Fisher is a woman on a mission:  to show people the beauty they can have both inside and outside. Michael Craig will discuss this and other topics with her today(Tuesday) on Logical Soul Talk at 6 pm ET.

Born and raised in a small village in Germany, Beate experienced sexual and other kinds of abuse as a child.  She arrived in the US in 1980 with $500 in her pocket and went through a difficult first marriage, but still held the belief that “love can conquer all.”

Since those difficult years,  Ms Fisher has embraced her talent for beauty and transformation work with a passion.  She has been trained extensively to understand and use transformation through Landmark Education programs, and is currently one of the few certified trainees for The Logical Soul work.  She is a world traveler, a spiritual seeker, and a “ghost buster” who has demonstrated she has a knack for clearing out negative energies in homes and businesses.

Currently Beate is employed as a Design Consultant with Ethan Allen, a position she has held for many years.  She loves this work, stating, “Its a job that gives me the opportunity to use my talent to create beautiful home environments for my clients.”

Beate is also a sponsor for Nepalese orphans and has been married to her husband Richard for almost 25 years.


  1. Ruth Harris says:

    Cool, nice interview. Catch her personality in words…