Logical Soul Talk: Branding from the Inside Out


Discover Your Passion

What to learn how to turn your PASSION into Products or Services that will Attract Buyers like crazy?!  Then tune in today to Logical Soul Talk at 6 pm or call (347) 843-4544 to ask a question.

This idea for a course started with a problem. You see, I’ve done lots of things in my life – started lots of businesses, and folded most of them.  The thing is, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do “when I grew up.”

The other part of the problem was that all the marketing and business advice I was getting had to do with customer-oriented approaches, i.e., find a hot need or niche, develop a product that meets that need, and SELL it to ’em!  This is great, except that I already HAD a product (Logical Soul) that was over 18 years in the making.  I just didn’t know how to market it – and all the marketing tips I got were using the OPPOSITE approach from where I had already come from!

So I just threw out the “rule book” and started looking inside myself. What I discovered was that my technique could quickly uncover the unique internal motivation of others and help them use this to succeed in a way totally unique to them!

Out of this idea came “Branding from the Soul” – a 6-month online and webinar training program for those who want to really STOP the internal confusion and sabotage once and for all and have a definite road map to follow for their OWN success story.

I provide the personal discovery pieces, and also enlisted the help of some top-ranking marketing and branding experts to add their knowledge to this course.  The outcome is a POWERFUL program indeed – one never before presented.

If you have ever gone from idea to idea, job to job, or business to business, tune in today to Logical Soul Talk where I will be sharing some very unique processes you can start using TODAY to discover your own unique Passion.

Although this course is not yet launched, SIGN UP NOW to be notified as soon as it does!  Learn how to go “from zero to happy” in only a few months!


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