Logical Soul Talk: Ellen the Space Sculptor


Ellen Eaton

Ellen Eaton is a Canadian Interior Designer who loves to think outside the box.  Using her own brand of creativity and skills, she created a unique approach to renovation and building called the “Space Sculptor System,” and will share this closely-guarded secret with Michael Craig on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday at 6 pm (ET). 

Ms. Eaton, a 1992 graduate from Ryerson University’s School of Interior Design, didn’t start out with a design career in mind.  “I was heavily involved in corporate computer sales and training until 1988 when I found out that interior design was my passion.”  After graduation she quickly began winning awards, one of which was a 3-month scholarship to study Interior Design in London, England.

According to Ellen, any renovation or retrofit follows a very predictable and logical path.  “When you add people and circumstance to the equation that’s where the fun begins,” she adds. She also points to the value of her approach to those who simply want to life a happier life:  “Design and creativity is actually a much more efficient way than problem-solving to get through the difficulties of daily life.”

Ms. Eaton says that the Space Sculptor System “turns the normal process of design and renovation upside down.”  She and her co-workers start with the end in mind, do a little reverse-engineering, and measure the value, time and money savings to create a project flow that works much faster and easier than conventional approaches. 

Tune in tomorrow to hear how this system can be used also to solve life as well as design problems!  Call (347) 843-4544 to ask Ellen a question!

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