Logical Soul Talk: Genetic Voice Printing with Illania Hofler


Illania Hofler

Illania Hofler works with something called “the Genetic Voice,” and will share with Michael Craig how she “prints” this ancestral voice so that anyone can actually see pictures of their emotional state!

Tune into Logical Soul Talk on Tuesday, May 11th at 6 pm ET for the full story on Genetic Voice Printing, or  get on the Call Hotline at (347) 843-4544.

Ms. Hofler is a certified Vo-CAL instructor and will discuss with Michael the benefits of this cutting edge technology, also known as The Clear Voice. She reports that many people who use self-help workshops, books and courses are still plagued with repeated unwanted behaviors and feelings.

“That’s because” she adds, “these are symptoms of DNA emotional traumas that came through your parents and grandparents that block your ability to make solution oriented choices for yourself in present time.

“Your voice tells us where the ‘negative programs’ came from in your lineage and some special frequencies let you access your subconscious mind while wide awake—a very unique experience. Our software can now track when the pattern actually releases.”

Genetic Voice Printing apparently touches on areas known to those who are familiar with the Logical Soul(tm) work, i.e., hidden decisions.  Although she calls it the “central command,” the purpose is the same – to continue to play out the same old negative programs. This inaccessible subconscious area – whether you call it hidden decisions or central command – is normally shut off from conscious access, but is where the only real changes occur!

Hofler sees private clients in Smyrna, Georgia, and has spoke to various conferences about the topic of genetic voice printing and transformation. She has also made “before” and “after” voice prints of those who have undergone Logical Soul(tm) sessions, with very intriguing results.

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