David Wright

David Wright

DAVID WRIGHT is my guest on Logical Soul Talk today (December 8th) at 6 pm ET where I will ask him about some major turning points in his life and he came to write the “Get a Job” book and become an expert in the growing field of occupational counseling.

David’s Facebook page describes him as “a gaijin, a gringo, a guelo & a farang, an author, business owner, marketer, radio DJ, #1 on Yahoo! out of over a BILLION results, & an adventurer.”  He describes his passions as “life, family, friends, music and striving to become the best I can be.”

David's Book

GET A JOB: Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves is a comprehensive job search guide loaded with real-world advice that really works, so you can too! It contains valuable tips, information, and resources useful to anyone considering making a career move, from entry level to seasoned C-level executives. The book is designed to help you stock your job search tool box with all the tools you need to get a better job, faster, and earn more money.

Get A Job is also about helping you make a good first impression, continue to succeed in your career, and learn networking skills, negotiating skills, sales skills, and how to make international career moves.


  1. Michael,

    Thanks for having me on the show! I enjoyed talking with you and hope that your listeners benefited from our conversation.

    To your success,

    David B. Wright
    Chief Marketing Officer, CareerOyster
    Author, Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves