Greg Cesar Dominates Google . . . Gently!


adwords dominatorGreg Cesar has established himself as such an international expert on Google Adwords, he is known as “The Adwords Dominator.” He is also Michael’s guest this week on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, December 21st at 6 pm ET.

During the 30-minute interview, Greg will reveal how he developed his keen sense of “finding things” and how this has served him in facing up to the  Giant Google!  While other Adsense marketers try to scam  or “play the system” to get around Google’s powerful algorithms, Greg uses thinking-outside-the-box strategies to dominate niche markets. He says this approach is safer, since Google doesn’t take kindly to scammers, and sooner or later kick them out permanently.

Mr. Cesar has been invited to speak on stages as far away as Singapore and Malaysia on topics like “SEO and website optimization.”  He is an expert at finding little-known keywords like “301 redirect” and “url redirect” for those who want to grab a lot of traffic pertaining to the SEO niche, for example.  For other business marketers, Greg has some good advice:  “Find your niche keywords in places most people don’t look.”

Greg has helped thousands of students to master Google Adwords and drive more laser targeted traffic to their websites.  He has developed method he calls “Mindset Marketing” to find hidden entry points in a chosen market, trigger the buyer’s emotions for more click-throughs . . . and  how to even go after large competitive markets and spend pennies, not dollars.  “Why play games with Google,” he asks sincerely, “when there is so much traffic available for those who know how to find it?!”

Tune in Tuesday at 6 pm to our Blog Talk Radio show to learn how Greg can help you drive laser targeted traffic to your website and build your business!

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