Logical Soul Talk: Has Network Marketing Gotten a Bad Rap?


Greg Hartmann

Is “Network Marketing” or “multi-level marketing” as bad as people say it is??  Find out all the secrets – both good and bad – when Michael Craig interviews author Greg Hartmann about this topic on Logical Soul Talk Tuesday at 6 pm ET. Call in to (347) 843-4544 to listen to the show or ask Greg any question you like.

Greg Hartmann brings a rare and unique perspective to Entrepreneurship,  Home Business and Network Marketing.  His formal education as a mechanical engineer gives him analytical skills and a thought process to methodically take apart these types of businesses and present them in a way to the average person that they can quickly become an expert.

Greg spent 20 years as a field distributor and became the top earner by building a distributor organization of over 15,000 people.  Greg also spent 17 of the last 20 years heavily immersed in personal development and personal transformation – a key ingredient to success in any business.

As part of his work over the past 7 years, Greg traveled extensively to  deliver programs to many different people and cultures about how to find and develop integrity, straight talk, keeping promises, being unreasonable and being unstoppable.  This gives him a unique perspective to both evaluate all types of businesses.

Greg’s new book, Do Due Diligence: Cutting Through the Crap in Network Marketing goes into the pros and cons of this industry, and helps the reader be able to powerfully choose whether or not to pursue a business like this . . . before stumbling upon the headaches and heartaches he or she are sure to find.   In this book, Greg shows his readers how to go to work with eyes wide open, clear about the right actions he or she must take.

While Greg’s book (or radio interview) will not guarantee your success, you will be left with a clearer picture of what to expect, and how to take responsibility on all levels instead of blaming your sponsor, the company or the industry as so many are prone to do.

Don’t miss this show! http://blogtalkradio.com/logicalsoul. Call in to raise your hand (press “1”) and ask Greg anything (but pls keep it clean…)!

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