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Donny Gamble

Donny Gamble

Donny Gamble has the heart of a teacher.  Several weeks ago I checked out his straightforward IM courses, and learned quite a bit!  That’s the reason I’m having him as guest on my radio show tonight at 6 pm ET. Tune into Logical Soul Talk on the Internet, or call (347) 843-4544 to listen or ask questions of this surprising “Master Internet Marketer.”

I also discovered that Donny is a six year veteran of online marketing and has been successfully managing his own websites, as well as  helping hundreds of others market their businesses online.  An Education graduate of Ohio State University, Donny also graduated from Full Sail University for his Master of Internet Marketing Degree.

Donny has also been a featured guest speaker on several other Blog Talk Radio shows as well as many social media and Internet Marketing webinars.  He exhibits a genuine passion for Internet marketing, and says he “loves to see businesses achieve high search engine rankings for their major keywords that they are targeting for.”

Mr. Gamble will also be the first to admit that online marketing is no picnic and that he was not the brightest star in the sky.  “I made absolutely NO money online my first 3 years,”  he admits,  I was even horrible at playing video games!”

This student has come a long way, however, and will share his story with all listeners who tune in to here him at 6 pm.  If you have any interest in saving both time and money with Internet marketing, DON’T MISS THIS SHOW!

P.S., Donny’s main blog is at www.DonnyGamble.com, and he has just started an online publication called Impulse Magazine.

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