Logical Soul Talk: Interview with Damon Greene


Damon Greene

Damon Greene

Damon Greene is my guest on Logical Soul Talk today (Dec. 29th) at 6 pm at, or call (347) 843-4544. Come learn how to create an effective online (or offline) business and how to spend the least amount of money doing it.

The bottom line is that Damon is a business development and marketing strategist.  He specializes in small businesses, and in finding low cost methods that can make a big impact on their efficiency, productivity, and ability to automate.

A native New Jerseyan,  Damon currently resides in the Atlanta area.  He is rather self-effacing when it comes to his accomplishments, but I’ve found his help and advice to be invaluable.   He is a true bargain hunter who applies his skills to finding the best and most valuable “stuff” on the Internet, and has saved me big bucks in my pursuit of excellence.

Mr. Greene is able to deliver such great results because – besides being a genius – he has over 10 years’ experience in web design, project management, web development, online and offline marketing, graphic design, printing, and promotions.  I’ll be asking him about how he got his success, and during the conversation will seek to extract some really useful tips you can use to explode your online presence!


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