Logical Soul Talk Interview with Terry Peterson the “Unigeezer”

Terry Peterson, the "Unigeezer"

Terry Peterson, the "Unigeezer"

I thought I was crazy… I finally found someone “crazier” than me!

Join me on Tuesday, October 20th at 6 pm on Logical Soul Talk where I get to interview my new friend and mentor Terry Peterson. Terry calls himself as “the Unigeezer” since he’s a 53-year old Unicycle rider, but that doesn’t exactly describe what he actually does!  Like me, he has turned his golden years into a love for traveling around on one-wheelers.  Unlike me, however, he apparently has taken his love of the sport to extreme heights!

I’ll be asking Terry about the moment he made the decision to do REALLY extreme stuff – like ride his Uni off-road on the Hummingbird Trail in Simi Valley, California (see video below)!!  While I’m in training to ride the Cherohala Skyway across the TN-NC border sometime in the spring, I feel some relief knowing I’ll be on a paved road.

If I can talk Terry into coming East and riding with me, while I may not be the FIRST to traverse the Skyway, at least I would (probably) still be the OLDEST, since I beat Terry’s Geezer Factor by four years . . .

Check out this totally insane video . . . and yes, I’ll probably be asking Mr. Peterson about his “family jewel” protection!

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