Logical Soul Talk: Kelly Cole on Internet Marketing


Kelly Cole

Kelly Cole is an “Internet Marketing Evangelist,” and will be Michael Craig’s guest on Logical Soul Talk today (Tuesday) at 6 pm ET.

A former minister, Cole is now on a mission to spread the good news about making money online – and doing it in a way that brings you the most happiness and satisfaction.
Besides being an expert in online marketing, Kelly is a Speaker, Business Consultant, and author of his own self-published best-selling book It’s In You!

He has also authored well over 15 other paperback, audio, and other ebooks with titles such as:

    • How To Use Your God Given Gift To Produce Income Online,
    • The 30-day Take Over,
    • How To Takeover The Internet With Your Product Brand or Service
    • The Website Flipping 101 Video Course
    • How To Build & Sell Virtual Real Estate
    • And many more.

Kelly’s online empire has grown to over 30 websites, blogs and social media sites, all the while he trains others to start their own Internet business, and puts together customized presentations for clients and events.  Mr. Cole also promotes his businesses offline, having appeared on dozens of TV, radio, and Internet shows and publications such as

    • Talk About It Today With Mo Stegall
    • Radio Show ATL
    • The A Magazine
    • and Many more!

Based in Virginia, Kelly also travels extensively to give Internet workshops and presentations in places like Atlanta, Chicago, Mississippi and Tennessee.  This Fall,  he will be featured on the “I Can Be Tour” along with Mo Stegall, Fonzworth Bently, Lisa Raye, Hill Harper & others.

Kelly believes you can have whatever you want out of Life, “As long as you take the necessary Action to get it!”

Call (347) 843-4544 to join the show and/or ask a question.


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