Logical Soul Talk: Mobile Marketing with Shaun Parsons

Shaun Parsons

Shaun Parsons

Shaun a.k.a. “Silho” Parsons is a master in multiple entertainment and communications, having worked in these industries for over ten years.  Recently he has also mastered the techniques of mobile interactive marketing, Internet business development, social networking, and event planning, as well as the skills necessary to train his clients. 

He is Michael Craig’s guest on Logical Soul Talk today (Tuesday, April 6th) at 6 pm.  Call him or Michael on the Hotline at (347) 843-4544 to ask a question.

Shaun’s motto, he says, is one that guides his purpose in serving customers:   “Take no prisoners or excess baggage. The road to excellence is too long and hard to be weighed down.”

Parsons is currently his own boss, and runs three successful mobile and entertainment based businesses. Tune in tonight and hear about his life, struggles to create the business, and to pick up some tips about how you can turn your own busienss around using mobile marketing.

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