Logical Soul Talk: Mystery Guest Revealed!


Mystery Guest

Be sure to tune into Logical Soul Talk tonight (Jan 4th) at 6 pm ET (3 pm PT) when I will reveal the identity of my MYSTERY GUEST, calling from somewhere out west.

Call our live-talk hotline at (347) 843-4544, or listen to the show on your computer. If you call in, however, you will be able to join the conversation!

Here are some hints:  my special guest is a business coach and consultant who believes life is supposed to be lived. For the last five years he has been traveling the world completely on a whim, but still managing to stay with, and learn from, many top leaders in business, such as Tony Hsieh of Zappos.com and two-time New York Times Best Selling Author Keith Ferrazzi.

He also has an adventure photography website, as well as a business resource site.  The life lessons, stories, and methods for creating your own incredible luck can all be found in his book Creating Serendipity which is due out in early 2011.

Listen and take notes.  He’ll be naming names and giving out websites.  This dude knows a LOT about marketing, business, outsourcing, and getting more done with less time and resources.  So if you want to grow your business, take 30 minutes and tune in.

You won’t be sorry!

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