Logical Soul Talk: Nutritionist Brad King


brad king

Brad King

Brad King, M.S., MFS, talks non-stop about nutrition, obesity, longevity and men’s health. He has reason to; he lost his parents to cancer in the mid-90’s and has since been on a mission to teaching others how to take charge of their health.

You can hear Michael’s interview with this well-known expert, author and radio personality in his own right on Logical Soul Talk today (Tuesday) at 6 pm ET (3 pm PT). Tune in online, or call (847) 843-4544 to join the conversation.

Aside from being an inductee into the prestigious Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame and winner of nutrition gold medal awards, he has his own talk radio program – Transforming Health with Brad King – which can be heard on

Brad is also the head sports nutritionist for Athletes United; one of the world’s most esteemed sports organizations, and sits of the board of directors for a premiere sports nutrition education center.

He is the creator of the highly successful Fat Wars series, the Losing Fat for Life Plan and the Abundant Health System. Brad has developed numerous gold-medal winning nutritional products and exercise protocols designed to improve health, slow biological aging, boost athletic performance and correct a dysfunctional metabolism.

This expert is also a prolific writer and author.  He has published 10 books, including the International best-seller Fat Wars and the award winning Beer Belly Blues.  He has also authored Bio-Age, Awaken Your Metabolism, and his newly released 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Losing Fat 4 Life!

He has been the featured health expert on thousands of television and radio programs and magazine and news articles throughout North America. Some of these interviews include: The Today Show, Canada AM, Balance TV, Macleans, Oxygen, The National Post, Chatelaine and Live with Marcus and Lisa.

And now, he has (finally) been selected to appear on the BEST radio show airing anywhere today – Logical Soul Talk! Whatever you do, don’t miss this one!

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