Logical Soul Talk Summer – Week 2


logical soul talkTune in tomorrow (Tuesday, June 28, 2011) on Logical Soul Talk, for the SECOND show of a 10-part series where I accept ALL CALLS to cover anything you want to talk about related to wealth, success, self-help and self-growth.

money matrix methodI can also do a Logical Soul or Money Matrix Method session with you – live on the air!  Call in at 347-843-4544 and press”1? to raise your hand to be called on, or just listen to the live podcast stream, or catch it later as a recorded session.

If there are no calls, I will reveal some important tips on How to Generate Success “from Within” as well as give some valuable – and practical – tips for growing a small business.  This is your chance to MOVE THROUGH ALL BARRIERS that may be blocking your wealth success, personal growth, health or relationship happiness!

BUT REMEMBER: I can only take one or two calls during these 30-minute shows, so be the first in line by calling in early!   Don’t miss this opportunity to learn some real success mastery tips, and/or be a case study for free on the show!!

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