Logical Soul Talk Summer – Week 3


Tune in today (Tuesday, July 5th) on Logical Soul Talk, for the THIRD show of a 10-part series where I accept ALL CALLS to cover anything you want to talk about related to wealth, success, self-help and self-growth.

money matrix methodI can also do a Logical Soul or Money Matrix Method session with you – live on the air!  Call in at 347-843-4544 and press “1” to raise your hand to be called on, or just listen to the live podcast stream, or catch it later as a recorded session.

If there are no calls, I will reveal some important tips on How to Generate Success “from Within” as well as give some valuable – and practical – tips for growing a small business.  This is your chance to MOVE THROUGH ALL BARRIERS that may be blocking your wealth success, personal growth, health or relationship happiness!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn some real success mastery tips, and/or be a case study for free on the show!!

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