Logical Soul Talk: Swami Vedant on Consciousness


Swami Vedant

Swami Vedant

Swami Satya Vedant (a.k.a.,  Dr. Vasant Joshi) was an early disciple of Osho, and is my guest on a special segment of Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, November 9th at 6 pm ET, and will share with listeners some of the insights and answers that came to him during those magical years.

Due to the extraordinary nature of this material and guest, THIS WILL BE A SPECIAL ONE-HOUR SHOW (60 minutes)!

Vedant, a native of India, actually first heard about Osho while studying in the United States.  He traveled from Chicago to India in 1975 to participate in a ten-day Osho Meditation Camp, and was immensely moved by Osho’s presence and vision.  He was immediately initiated as a disciple and given the name Swami Satya Vedant.

Vedant was subsequently appointed by Osho to be Chancellor of the Osho Multiversity. He has been in the academic field for over 30 years, holds two PhD degrees, has written four books and numerous articles, and has translated four books of Osho’s discourses given in Hindi.

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