Logical Soul Talk with Mark E. Sackett


Makr Sackett

Mark E. Sackett

Mark E. Sackett is Michael’s guest on Logical Soul Talk today at 6 pm ET (3 PT) and will talk about his “Left of Center Thinking” and how it can change your life. Listen online, or call our hotline at 1-347-843-4544.

Mark is always running around doing things . . . NOT, I might add, like most of us who just try to stay busy.  He is apparently on a mission to live a creative life and help others do the same.  Consequently, all his businesses and activities have this in mind.  He owns 11 businesses and has been an awarded thousands of creative titles and awards.

Mark will also talk about his upcoming appearance at the Love & Money Summit hosted by Dr. Brenda Wade in San Francisco, December 9-12, 2010.

Mr. Sackett says he “thrives on meeting and doing business with those who do things right, by caring about people, animals and our planet!”  He admits that  money is not his primary driver towards success, and prefers to focus on relationships and building his brand and reputation.  He loves tackling complex problems and helping his clients arrive at workable and creative solutions.

Mark is no stranger to the good life. He savors his wine, drums, and vast  collection of books, antique paper, photography, life experiences, and says his idea of a good time is to just sit around, share ideas with others, and earn new things.

Mark is also, not surprisingly, a consummate networker. You can find him on over 30 networks including Google, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or any dozens of others.

Tune in, listen, and let some of Mark’s magic rub off on you!

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