Logical Soul Talk: Your Limits to Wealth


Muscle Testing for Feedback

Do you know what prevents money from coming to you? Whether you do or don’t, be sure to tune in online to Logical Soul Talk tonight at 6 pm (ET) to find out, or call our Question Hotline at (347) 843-4544. This is my FOURTH LESSON in a series of 5 on “Branding from the Soul.”

Wealth can always be traced back to how you use The Law of Attraction. If its not working for you, then you have a few negative concepts about money neatly tucked away in your subconscious mind that send out a signal to the Universe “Stay away!”

The problem is, you probably figure it has to do with the thoughts you entertain during the day, so you try to stay positive and think happy thoughts. This doesn’t work.

Your actions and general “vibes” are huge magnets – or repellents – for money and those who bring it to you.  Tune in to Logical Soul Talk this evening at 6 pm to learn which subconscious attitudes we hold onto that repel money . . . and what to do about it!!  I will reveal

  1. The 4 powerful statements you can use to test for your “wealth attraction capacity,”
  2. How to test the body (subconscious) for feedback, and
  3. How to change negative internal truths to positive ones.

Don’t miss this one!

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