Logical Soul Teacher Training Course

Michael testing Beate

Michael and Beate

 This morning – and every Tuesday morning – a small group of dedicated folks get together in a suburb of Atlanta to practice a technique I developed years ago called The Logical Soul(tm).  Although I’m not getting much financial reward out of theses meetings, I have an ulterior motive: to train them to work with, and teach this, to others.    

This original group of four all share a common desire to see this simple technique become available to everyone.  With the forthcoming publication of my book – The Logical Soul(tm): Eliminate Self Sabotage in 30 Minutes or Less for Success, Wealth, Love and Happiness – this is increasingly possible. 

Don Sherrill kindly agreed to handle the video duties of this first official Teacher Training Course, and the Donthree German ladies (the “Killer B’s” – Beate, Birgit and my wife Brigitte) help me stay focused and on point.  Each week we do sessions with one another and “peel the onion” to discover deeply-rooted hidden decisions that stop us at every level of concern. 


Ushi, Birgit & Brigitte

Ushi, Birgit & Brigitte

Today we welcomed Ushi – a friend of Beate’s from Germany who volunteered for a session and saw some immediate benefit.  The whole thing was caught on video (as was the entire teacher-training course) and will be available online for those who sign up for the Powerful Goals Program(tm), available starting in November.


  1. I was there to see you perform – and videotape I believe – Robert’s session. I spoke to Robert recently, and he said that he still has yet to have an anxiety attack since you fixed him that night in almost no time at all. Way to go! He’s about to have a baby any day now (well, his girl is about to), so Anxiety attacks would really be bad right now.

  2. Beate says:

    Great first session with Uschi yesterday. The shift was so evident and powerful. Can’t wait to hear how things are going for her when she returns home. I will keep everybody posted. Every time I am in a session or observing, I am in awe of the outcome.

  3. Uschi says:

    Thank you, for this great session, it really works and it was a great experience for me. I would do this all the time!

  4. Its really great to work with such receptive folks! Thanks for your support, and look for some really cool programs to come down the pipeline soon!