Love and Money (and Seva) Summit Soon!


My good friend and colleague, Dr. Brenda Wade, is hosting the Love, Money and Seva Summit in San Francisco this December 9-12, and I want to personally invite you to take a “vacation with a purpose” and join us! Brenda’s vision is to cut the American divorce rate by 50% in 2015!

At the Summit I’ll be presenting the Money Matrix Method(tm) as a way to overcome deep-seated resistance to accepting, earning, and keeping money! I am writing diligently to finish my book before the publication date set in early 2011.


  1. […] I fly from Atlanta to beautiful San Francisco for the second annul Love and Money Summit, put on by Dr. Brenda Wade at the luxurious Hotel Kabuki in Japan […]

  2. […] Dr. Brenda Wade and her staff pulled of an amazing feat of planning and execution in getting this event off the ground.  Although there were a few glitches, her love and support for all the speakers and participants was phenomenal! […]

  3. […] rode last Wednesday (Dec. 8th) 4.1 miles, then left for San Francisco the next day to speak at Dr. Brenda Wade’s Love and Money Summit, along with Dr. John Gray. It was an exciting trip, and now I’m back . . […]

  4. […] John Gray gave an excellent keynote speech at the Love & Money Summit in San Francisco on December 10th about “Mars on Ice; Venus on Fire.”  Here is the 3rd […]