Love and Money Summit Success


Craig & Wade

Drs. Craig & Wade

Whew! After missing a night’s sleep and traveling cross-country, I then attempted to make a presentation at the Love and Money Summit I’ve never done before (The Money Matrix Method) with some new technology I’ve never used before.  disaster, right?

Actually, no.  Although I was delayed about 10 minutes due to technical difficulties and some of the jokes fell flat ( just had to try them, didn’t I?), the presentation itself went over with great results and fanfare.

You can get more information on the content of my presentation at

Dr. Brenda Wade and her staff pulled of an amazing feat of planning and execution in getting this event off the ground.  Although there were a few glitches, her love and support for all the speakers and participants was phenomenal!

I plan to post more details on the Love and Money Summit itself – including videos on Dr. John Gray, Dr. Wade, Brad King, and snippets of some of the other GREAT speakers and performers, in future blog posts.  Stay tuned!

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