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Rémy Chaussé is a bestselling author (of Living Life as an life purpose bookExclamation Point!) who currently delights audiences with poignant and sometimes hilarious real-life stories of triumph and inspiration.  But a terrifying home invasion shattered her world at age 12, and she had to find a way to draw on all her inner and outer resources.

life coach remy chausse

Coach Remy Chausse

Today she appears to be a woman of optimism and passion, traits she shares with her audiences everywhere.  Tune in to Logical Soul Talk (LST) on Tuesday, April 3rd at 6 pm ET to hear her story and get her formula on how to turn any problem into a passion. You can listen to the show online, or call our hotline at (347) 843-4544 to join the conversation!

Rémy’s passion is to help others turn their challenge upside down, i.e., “from a teardrop to an exclamation point!”  She has done this throughout her life, earning awards as a teen tennis player, international designer, as part of a dance troupe, and as a business professional. She has   inspired people all around the globe, sharing her breakthrough methods for personal fulfillment and professional success.

She also acknowledges that optimism may be an advantage, but it may not be enough to live a life without struggle. Rémy believes that we all have at least one true passion in life, and a purpose for being here, but that most people don’t know what these are.

“With some help bringing clarity to your vision, and our vision to your reality” she says, “people can take back their exclamation points!”  Ms. Chaussé has been featured on such shows as:

  • The Women’s Information Network Online
  • The Business Beware Show (featured on FOX business)
  • On The Edge KBCR Radio (a CBS affiliate)
  • Smart Money Talk Radio (an NBC affiliate) and others.

Join us on April 3rd to get your own “exclamation point”!

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