Mark E. Sackett: Thinking “Left of Center”


Mark E. Sackett has a way of lighting up any room he enters.  He also has no plans to sit still anytime soon!

The indomitable Mr. Sackett actually lives in 2 cities, commutes on an airplane, owns 11 creative businesses related to activities ranging from Branding and Advertising to Concert events and Television.  He has been an award-winning Designer and Producer, and is a speaker at the upcoming Love & Money Summit in San Francisco this weekend.

Mark is Michael Craig’s special guest on Logical Soul Talk on Tuesday, December 7, 2010. at 6 pm ET (3 PT).  Listen online, or call in to join the conversation at 1-347-843-4544.

Mr. Sackett has won over 1000 creativity-related awards.  He is President of, among his many businesses, THE BOX SF , a social networking company, and is host of his own radio show called BrainfoodUSA – Living a Creative Life!

Mark is also a public speaker who teaches people how to live more creative lives through what he calls “Left of Center Thinking.” He produces social  events, seminars, concerts, and brings artists and businesses together.  He runs a film studio that produces million-dollar films and a recording company, Republic of Sound.

Come hear Mark speak on his “Left of Center Thinking,” how he came to be a creative success, and how you can too!

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