How to Create and Market Your E-Book


E-book marketingEllen Violette knows E-books . . . and how you can use them to make a splash in today’s saturated media.   She is  President of her own company, Create A Splash LLC, where she coaches and teaches folks how to create eBooks and build a 6-figure income online. as well as helping them become Amazon best-sellers. Her company also has a done-for-you publishing division.

Come learn Ellen’s step-by-step system that includes both writing and marketing strategies on Logical Soul Talk, Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 6 pm ET.  You can listen to the show online, or call 1-347-843-4544 to listen by phone (press 1 to join the conversation).

In addition to writing and teaching ebooks, Ellen is a two-time eLit winner for her regular contribution to Published! Magazine, and the #1 Best Selling Book Ready Aim Captivate as well as  the author of the #1 eBook, How to Make Money Writing Quick Non-Fiction eBooks ….Guaranteed! In addition, she’s a  Grammy-nominated songwriter which gives her a unique perspective.

“I’m also a songwriter,” she adds. 

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