Marketing for Coaches – Part 1: Article Marketing


article marketingAre you a Life Coach or Consultant looking for ways to get new clients?  If so, in August I’ll be presenting a 3-Part Marketing Series  for you!  Both me and my guest experts will cover tactics and strategies used by the most successful coaches and marketers, both online and offline.

This first show begins Tuesday, August 13th 2013 at 6 pm ET on Logical Soul Talk.  You can listen to the show online, or call 1-347-843-4544 to listen over the phone (if you want to ask a question or join the conversation, press “1”).

Expert marketer Damon Greene and I will cover Article Marketing – and will include the following topics:


  1. Who to write for
  2. What to write about
  3. Where to publish, and
  4. How to outsource this task to others.  

By using this mostly-free tactic correctly, you can build a solid list of interested prospects who can quickly turn into loyal clients!  Don’t miss this exciting and informative show!!


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