Mayan Prophesies and 2012


mayan prophesies

Mayan prophesies?

It’s getting to be that time of year when everybody wants to freak out about something or other… the budget, the economy, gas prices, and now Mayan prophesies about next year’s (2012) apocalypse.   Take your pick of poisons.

I just received an urgent Facebook posting from a writer friend of mine who  wrote a lengthy parallel between our modern culture and the Mayan’s.  In this tome, she extrapolated numerous examples of how and why we are heading off the cliff, but offered no real solutions that I could see.

I admit I must agree with her:  there are no real solutions when we are speaking in global or universal terms.  There IS as solution, however, if we choose to focus on what arises within us – our Logical Soul(R) – and take inventory of the thoughts we allow to run our lives!

Below is the Reply I posted on her Facebook page.  Your thoughts?  Pls feel free to add to this.


I agree with you that people should “wake up, look around, and make the changes necessary for a mentally, physically and spiritually triumphant life, now and forever…”   But how?? Should I fill my bathtub full of water again on 12/20/12?  Or do as my lawyer friend does – study his chart every day and call me up to complain when  that “that damn Mercury is in retrograde again!”

I feel that part of the problem is the over-anxiety about the problem – if there actually IS a problem!  A bigger problem that I see is the slowing of the solar wind and resulting loss of the heliosphere. But there’s not much we can do about that either.

I prefer to take comfort in the fact that anxiety and hysteria creates its own fuel – usually for no other reason than simply to propagate itself.  Sometimes it helps to read further for balancing views.

Mathematician and scientist Maurice Cotterell, for example, has done extensive research on both Egyptian and Mayan cultures.  In his book, The Tutankhamun Prophecies (Bear & Co., 2001), he says that solar cycles are central to both cultures, and computed that the zodiacal equinox precession began about 2,150 years ago, when Aries moved into Pisces.  He further remarks that the precession will repeat itself in 25,800 years, and that “Nowhere in the decoded writings of the Mayas does the date of 2012 take center stage.  Nowhere is it given special status.”

I’m just sayin’…

I don’t know what will happen in 2012 any more than anyone else does. I do know, however, that there are a bunch of Mayan prophecy memes circulating out there, and that most people are addicted to the continued drama.  This fear and drama – more than the supposed event itself – is probably what’s keeping our third eye closed.

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