Memories of Mother

"Baboo" Weatherly

"Baboo" Weatherly

My mother is dying.

She’s been in a nursing home (Pigeon Forge Rehabilitation Center) for the past six months, and has taken a turn for the worst since Christmas.  She has stopped eating and may not live to see the New Year.

Obviously I’m grieving over this eminent loss, and wanted to get out a few words about her before I might lose the urge to say anything . . .

Barbara Cannon Weatherly McWaters (a.k.a. “Baboo”) was born March 27, 1927 in Savannah, Georgia, and has lived a full life.  She married my father Earl Weatherly (1921-1990), raised two wonderful kids, and found the time to become one of the premier artists in Savannah during the 1960’s and 70’s.  She loved painting “hard edge” abstract painting,s but also did portraits to earn some extra cash.  She was one of the original founding members of Gallery 209 on River Street in Savannah.

She married Roy McWaters (d. 2002)  in 1993 and moved to Tennessee to be close to my sister Page and her two grandkids,  Christopher and Patrick.


I just wanted to share this with my followers and friends to ask for your prayers and thoughts.  There is nothing more you need do.  Thanks just for being there.

If my postings are missing, a little aimless, or sporadic over the next few days and weeks, you’ll know why.

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