Midlife Crisis Solutions with Dr. Dike Drummond

dike drummond

Dr. Dike Drummond

Dike Drummond MD is a business coach and former physician who has helped thousands of people in all walks of life get back on the path to wholeness.  If you are having some “issues” with growing older, for example, he can also help you USE your midlife crisis to discover ways to live your best life ever!

If you want to ask Dr. Drummond a question personally, don’t miss calling into our show hotline at (347) 843-4544 during our LIVE Logical Soul Talk on Tuesday, April 17, starting at 6 pm ET. You can also listen to the show online (although you won’t be able to ask questions).

Dr. Drummond’s own midlife crises began with quitting a successful medical practice and starting his own company at age 40, coupled with a divorce from his wife of 24 years.  The pain of these experiences inspired him to create a course he called “The 3-Hour Midlife Crisis Workshop  Experience.”

His intention then – as it is now – is to give you the tools you need to support to dust off your dreams.  Start living them today!


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