The Missing Link to New Years Resolutions


new years resolutionsAfter December 31st at midnight, the year 2013 will have become just a memory.  The desire to make New Year’s Resolutions, however, will joyfully and once again rear its ugly head.  Why ugly?  Because roughly 70% of all such resolutions never make it past the first month!  Then we chalk up the whole exercise as useless and another indication that we’re a loser.

It doesn’t have to be this way, however. Tune in to Logical Soul Talk, December 31 at 6 pm ET to find out how to make resolutions that actually work.  You can listen to the show online, or call our show hotline at (347) 843-4544 and press “1” to join the conversation!

The big secret is the same advice given by Socrates:  Know Thyself.  Learn how to come from who you ARE, not just from what you want.  “Want” implies lack, and wanting something means – subconsciously – you don’t HAVE that thing!  This is the biggest failing, by the way, with those who try to follow the Law of Attraction and don’t succeed.  Success is never attracted to failure, so you have to learn how to come from SUCCESS first!

Tune in to learn how to make resolutions the RIGHT WAY… and create a 2014 as “The Year of My Greatest Success!”

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