Mom Update: Overwhelming Support


Support has been forthcoming so much lately, I just had to publicly say “Thanks” to all friends, family, the staff at Pigeon Forge Care & Rehab Center, and associates and mentors like Brenda Wade who offered to pray and light candles for the passing of my mother.  Dr. Wade also kindly said ‘yes’ to my request to write the forward to The Logical Soul(tm)!  (Thanks Doc!)

Prayers are also coming from far away.  Thank you to our German family – Ushi & Conny & their families, and to my new Editor Vandana Chandra in India for his best wishes and support.  Also thanks to Steve & Gillen who will no longer have us for New Year’s Eve, and other friends in Atlanta (Beate, Birgit, Don, Bruce & Susan and families, and many, many others) and n Savannah (Chuck & Melinda). True friends all.

Mom is not doing too well. Although her vitals are still strong, her overall condition has deteriorated rapidly since Christmas.  Based on her final wishes, she has no feeding tube, and just lost the fluid IV since her veins are rejecting all attempts to re-insert it.  If her heart stops, she has asked that no one resuscitate her.

Sister Page and I will keep an all-night vigil, but right now I’m here by myself with her.  I’ll let you know when the inevitable happens . . .

Page, "Baboo" and Michael

Page, "Baboo" and Michael

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