What a Musical Eargasm Sounds Like…


As a former classical guitarist, I’m a real softy when it comes to great performances.  I was literally hit with one recently that I wanted to share with you…

You see, I was flipping channels back and forth and happen to catch this move (“Kissing Jessica Stein”) when, all of a sudden, some guitar music I vaguely recognized jumped into my ears and heart like a cyclone . . . La Catedral by Paraguayan guitarist and composer Agustin Barrios.  The performance in the movie was given by Brazilian guitarist Paolo Martelli,  and struck me as utterly MAGNIFICO!! 

When I went to look up the piece – to enjoy it more and more – I found Martelli’s recording on YouTube.  The technique was, as before, flawless, but the recording was fairly bad.  I then came across  Bosnian guitarist Denis Azabagic who struck me as equally talented, and gives one of the best performances of La Catedral I’ve ever heard. After hearing Denis’ rendition, I am now a firm believer of “The Eargasm”!!

Listen, and prepar to be amazed:

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  1. Chuck Powell says:

    So Craigo,
    I assume you will be learning this beautiful piece and soon be playing it yourself for us all to enjoy.
    For those of you who don’t know, Michael was an excellent guitarist in his youth!