Natural Body Detox: 5 Levels of Healing


I first did a 7-day fast in 1976, got great results,  and continued the process of naturally detoxifying my body and mind ever since.  After a few years, however, I hit some major emotional and physical roadblocks to this natural body detox, i.e., it ain’t as easy as it first appeared!!

As a chiropractor, I wanted to learn how to  heal others so I could also heal myself.  To a large extent, I succeeded, but also felt like Alice after she passed through the Looking Glass – confused and confounded at the unlimited number of options, possibilities, and opinions from every “expert” out there.

And, I concluded, if I were confused, what chance would the layperson have in understanding this primeval soup of health care and treatment options??! Consequently, most people decide to allow their doctors to spoon-feed them the medical options:

  • pills or medication
  • support or maintenance technology
  • surgery or
  • radiation.

Each of the above are meant to intervene with some THING to affect the health or well-being of the sick or injured.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with this health model – especially in cases where first aid is required (e.g., broken bones) –  this same model can lead to a worsened condition or even death when applied to chronic diseases. There is even a name for diseases caused by doctors:  Iatrogenic.

I soon came to the conclusion that I would not fight this medical juggernaut. Despite the poor record of care for chronic conditions, the medical model has – for better or worse – positioned itself over time as the number one provider.  They simply have a better marketing machine, and everyone has the right to make his or her own health purchase decisions!

That said, I also realized that other natural health practitioners and I have a duty and responsibility to present feasible alternatives to the current medicate-cut-burn medical options.  Gradually my hope is that humanity will embrace the definition of “health” as a deeper mind-body-spirit connection and not just a lack of symptoms!

For my part, I chose to focus on what I considered to be the deeper aspects of healing – the emotional-family-spiritual realm.   Quite by accident around 1992 I found that gaining access to some deeper emotional blocks could release conflicting decisions stored in them.  This work I now call the Logical Soul.

During Logical Soul sessions, I found that deep mental purging (detoxification) released hidden blocks that allowed healing even on a physical level to take place.  Although there were occasionally other issues that arose as a result of this purging, the overall effect was profound and seemingly permanent.

While the patient of client seldom made the connection between mental-emotional work and physical symptoms, I was aware of my responsibility to prepare them for the eventuality of a natural body detox, and to provide tools to also purge the body of these toxic metals, bacteria, viruses, and fungii.

One of the brightest stars on the alternative horizon is a German-born practitioner, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. His five levels of healing model stands as a very practical tool for all natural practitioners to truly understand the workings of nature as it affects human disease, health and well-being.

Here is an explanation of Dr. Klinghardt’s model, as explained by Dr. Rich:



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