Natural Body Detox: A Way of Life


The Signs are Clear

The Signs are Clear

Occasionally someone asks me about a program to detox naturally in order to live a better or healthier life.  Usually they really want to know about the ideal weight loss program, or a solution to some health problem they’ve been wrestling with.  The question is usually

“How long do you recommend I  cleanse or do this program before I see the results?”

Whoa.  No matter how many times I hear the question (and not wanting to appear flippant), I always hesitate before answering.  I usually end up, however, saying the same thing, i.e.,

“You’ll naturally want to cleanse periodically for the rest of your life, of course.”

For many, this answer is not what they want to hear.  They – like so many modern Americans and Westerners – are used to quick fixes, fast solutions, fast food, and 60-minute TV shows.  My answer, for obvious reasons, does not fit that mold.

I, myself, used to ask the same question before I became a chiropractor and realized that good health takes the same amount of effort to maintain as does a good relationship, good business, or a good education. Maybe you don’t need to pay attention to it full time unless you have a critical health issue, but you do need to pay attention.

This means pay attention to the four areas of the Logical Soul(tm) Complete Natural Detox Program: Eat alkaline foods, playful exercise, periodic fasting and/or herbal cleansing, and a daily detox of the mind.

Not ready to change your lifestyle?  That’s OK.  Just realize, however, that it takes very little attention and effort to get fantastic results.  Plus, with a little “mental detox” to start things rolling, you may find the REAL reason why you don’t want to commit.  Maybe it had something to do with a belief or idea passed on to you from some relative . .  . or something you heard as a child.  Something.

Whatever it is, this though, belief or idea may be stopping you from your full potential for success, wealth, health and happiness.  Do yourself and your loved ones a favor.

Let it go.

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